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Troy’s Mission

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My name is Troy Eichelberger and I am the founder of A1 Debt Assistance. Perhaps you find this surprising, but if you speak to any of our clients they will attest to our pursuit of finding the best outcomes for them, and quite often it is not bankruptcy. Whilst the biggest portion of our revenue does come from our bankruptcy services, we always look at the range of solutions available for any one client. We are driven by passion and helping clients is our mission.

One of the first things I setup at A1 Debt Assistance was to ensure that all first phone consultations were completely free of cost and obligation. I estimate that around 80% of those people who use our free consultation service have better options than bankruptcy. Since we actually only get paid when we do bankruptcies, it quickly becomes apparent  that A1 Debt Assistance has no vested interest in suggesting other options. Options that oftentimes people  can try on their own and without paying anyone.

That said, the amount of bankruptcies that we undertake, allows us to invest time to offer this free and invaluable service for people in need of genuine unbiased advice.

My team and I are committed to helping people solve their financial problems.Yet it is more than that, because we regularly see clients quality of life improve when the stresses of financial hardship are removed.

Some 20 plus years ago I had a chain of retail stores in Melbourne. Then in the early 1990’s the recession that Paul Keating introduced as the, ‘recession we had to have’ hit hard. It was recession I would have preferred not to have since it slowly made my business unviable. I tried everything to re-invent myself and trade out of the problems. I certainly have had real insight into the meaning of financial stress. For me, like so many others I have encountered, that dreadful journey took a toll on my health and my family life.

Understanding the technical aspects of bankruptcy and actually experiencing it are two different things. I received very poor advice and did end up going bankrupt at least 3 years later than I should have. So, I do know what people are going through and I understand now that a lot of the pain is preventable and that factual advice and sound strategies make tough times much easier.

This bit of history was the reason for starting A1 Debt Assistance in 2001. It became my mission to show people how they can best deal with their situation and explaining their legal options in clear and easy to understand language. My work improves their financial position, my goal is to improve their lives.

If you or anyone you know needs help from A1 Debt Assistance, I can assure you that by contacting us, your best interest is our first priority.

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