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Dealing With Unemployment

Unemployment can play havoc with your budget and staying financially afloat can seem very difficult. However, there are some very positive steps to take that will relieve unemployment stress. There are debt solutions which may allow you to drastically ease the financial pressure until you secure work again. And whilst you are unemployed it is crucial to get job ready. Waiting for the right job with a big enough salary to pay your debts is often the worst mistake you can make. This attitude places you under immense financial pressure that it will ultimately impact on your physical and mental health.
When dealing with unemployment, Debt solutions are not commonly promoted, but should form part of the education programs job networks provide to their jobseekers – A1 Debt Assistance provides such a service via one day group sessions. Furthermore, if your job network is not offering our service, why not tell them about A1 Debt Assistance. If you work at a job network and you read this page, feel free to contact us – our service is made available to all job networks right across Australia.

Some examples of possible debt solutions whilst dealing with unemployment

a. Hardship application with Banks – putting your repayments on hold for an extented period.
b. A Part 9 Debt Agreement – this will be subject to your circumstances and needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis.
c. Voluntary Bankruptcy may also be an option to clear your debts immediately and give you a fresh start, however don’t do this without first obtaining professional advice.

A1 Debt Assistance can provide you with a free consultation. We are actually more focused on helping you to avoid bankruptcy, than trying to facilitate something you may regret for the rest of your life. Who knows, the next job could be just around the corner.
We know that there are many  ways to deal with unemployment, debt and money management – coping with a period of unemployment may be easier for you than you may have first realised. The important thing is to speak to someone about this and A1 Debt Assistance has many years experience in such matters and your call is strictly confidential.

Contact A1 Debt Assistance for a Free Consultation Request via email – click here, or phone A1 on 1300 79 74 73 during business hours.

Don’t go it alone if you feel down

Talking to someone who can provide constructive support can take a big load off your shoulders. Job security these days is a phrase of the past, so don’t blame yourself or feel like a failure. Personal failure is rarely the real reason why someone is out of work or about to be laid off, business conditions and the ever increasing drive for business cost cutting are the real triggers. It is important to remember, there are still jobs and every day a new business opens somewhere, a new industry emerges and a person retires. You will not stay unemployed if you look ahead and pro-actively apply for jobs. ( blimey! )

Often you need a job to get a job!

Sounds crazy? No it isn’t
Lets say you have been in management for the last 5 years and have worked hard to move up in your career. When you lose your job, it may appear natural to only accept jobs that follow your strategic career path. WRONG! Apply for such jobs as much as you can, but don’t wait for one and ignore other job opportunities along the way. Imagine there is a job available right now, it pays half the salary you had in your old job and you now have to fill supermarket shelves. I say jump at it – and you will tell me that I am nuts!
Here is my reasoning – you will land an interview eventually within your field again and when you do, you sit down proudly at the interview and when the employer asks what you have done since your last job, you tell him or her that you took on the first job you could get as you had to finance yourself through your job search period and even a low paying job pays more than unemployment benefits. This prospective employer will be impressed at your willingness to work and you have just jumped ahead of each candidate that has been waiting for the right job whilst collecting benefits. You see, it can help to have a job to secure the right job. At the same time, your weekly income was far easier to survive on than if you relied fully on your Newstart Allowance. There is a lot more I could say about this subject, but if we are not addressing your specific situation, it is simply, irrelevant. Call us and we can go over your situation.

I hope that reading this page has shown you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Researching your options and asking for advice are the best strategies with which to cope with unemployment.

Our Promise to You

A1 Debt Assistance has been created based on personal experience and a strong desire to help others avoid the pitfalls I personally experienced many years ago. Over the years A1 has helped 10’s of thousands of people all around Australia. Our goal is to work out the best possible solution for anyone who contacts us for help. We may not be able to solve every problem, but I can guarantee you that at A1 we do everything in our power to find a solution if one exists. Given our years of experience in this field, by contacting A1 Debt Assistance – you are in good hands.


Below is an article and a study from Forbes Magazine, it demonstrates the danger of going it alone and I hope you read this article to appreciate the opportunities that are open to you. A1 Debt Assistance is here to help, so is your job network and case manager. It is up to you to help yourself by accepting all available assistance to get you back on track. Click here – Dying For A Job – article in Forbes Magazine – This article focuses on the increase in suicide attributed to unemployment since the start of the Global Financial Crisis. It was written by London based Health Journalist, Jo Waters with academic contribution from Dr Alys Cole-King, a consultant psychatrist and leader on suicide prevention with the Royal college of Psychiatrists in London.