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Garnishee Order

How To Stop a Garnishee Order and Protect Your Wages

A garnishee order means that a creditor has applied to the court to have money taken from your wages without your authorisation.
Once the Court grants the garnishee order, the garnishee order will be sent to your employer and your employer has no option but to adhere to the order. Your wages will be substantially reduced, subject to the amount of debt owed under the order. However, there are ways to stop the order without you having to change employment.

Stop the Garnishee Order

To decide if your situation qualifies for us to be in a position to stop the garnishee order, we will need to speak to you and get a thorough understanding of your actual financial position. We will need to verify if you are unable to service the debt with the creditor or if you believe you don’t owe the debt.

In the case that you are unable to pay the debt, we can offer our help. A  Debt Assistance has been in business for many years and have helped tens of thousands of Australians through times of financial difficulties. We have the experience and the passion to make a difference. When you are already experiencing financial stress, the shock of having your wages drastically reduced makes matters worse. In most cases it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you are unable to service your payment obligations as and when they fall due, you are actually insolvent. Being insolvent means you would either qualify for a voluntary bankruptcy or a Debt Agreement and these are not as bad as you may think. There may be other options for you and we will be sure to advise you appropriately.

If you are worried about your wages being garnished or you already are subject to a garnishee order, contact A1 Debt Assistance for a free consultation. In the vast majority of cases we can act quickly and restore your income.