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Bankruptcy As A Cure

Bankruptcy is not the cause of depression, financial stress is the cause and can possibly be erased by filing for bankruptcy. Depression is a very common side effect of financial trouble, and often something that can be eased by bankruptcy. Why, because bankruptcy alleviates your stress about money and your basic survival. A large percentage of our clients were suffering from depression when they first approached A1 Debt Assistance and have since told us of the relief they felt once bankruptcy improved their financial stability. I believe that financial pressure is the most common cause of stress. If our modern world, we need money to survive, when finances are rocky, your internal survival instinct becomes disturbed. The longer you stay financially stressed, the less time you spend relaxing, the more time you spend worrying about your debts and money until it consumes you and you feel helpless.

Stress weakens your immune system and can lead to a variety of very serious health and relationship issues. Moreover, depression makes even the simplest things an arduous task such as paying your $30 your phone bill!

If this is sounds like you at the moment try and remember the person you are, not the person that is now weakened by stress and depression, but the person that knows this needs to be overcome – use our free phone consultation offer. People always tell me how much better they feel after talking to someone who understands – we do not judge anyone. There are solutions and you need to get professional advice to help improve your financial situation.

We are here to try and solve your financial problems, thus removing the most likely cause of your depression, or at least one of the contributing factors. We are not health professionals, but we have witnessed the change in people by curing their financial problems. Some of our clients have actually been advised by their doctors to see us, to help them remove the financial burden so that the client would have a better chance of responding to their medical treatment.

Just talking to someone who understands what you are going through can help. Remember, there is always a solution to every problem and A1 Debt Assistance will endeavour to find the best solution for your problem. To be debt free again after years of struggling is a fantastic feeling – trust me, I’ve been there myself and feedback from clients we have helped has verified this. Depression and bankruptcy do go hand in hand, but not in a romantic sense – more like weeds and weedkiller. Being bankrupt is not the end, it should be a new beginning. Learn from the past and start over again.

For more specific bankruptcy information and to better understand what A1 Debt Assistance can do for you, speak to one of our friendly and caring team members, email us a question or keep reading our website.