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The Pokie Nightmare

Pokies are not your friends and from our perspective are far from harmless entertainment! Iit is not just a few people who have this problem and is indeed a wide spread issue that has an impact on many families all around Australia.

Most people start of with the harmless couple of dollars here and there, but the issue is that it becomes an outlet – people see it as their socialising, when in reality they  hardly talk to anybody other than the odd comment to another player. All this in the hope that the machine must eventually pay.

In our extensive dealings with clients  addicted to gambling on the pokies, we frequently heard that going home was not an option because of the embarrassment of having lost. Unfortunately in most cases that ends up being an even larger loss that makes the next win insignificant.

Guess what? There is a lot of money to be made on Pokies – but only for the Government and the Licence holder – not the “mug punters”.

If you are a frequent pokie player and you are starting to hurt your financial position, or family – you should seek help. Look up the services such a Gamblers Anonymous and search for whatever else is out their that is trying to help gamblers. Quitting is easier when you can think clearly! We have successfully advised and encouraged gamblers who have come to us to design and implement a plan that specifically swaps the time they would spend gambling on the things they used to enjoy.

In many cases gamblers are in financial trouble and bankruptcy becomes their only solution. Avoiding this is the real answer. It is these problem gamblers that Andrew Wilkie is trying to help with his strong advocacy for poker machine reform.

Don’t ruin your life at the pokies, voluntary bankruptcy can help you, but it must be seen as a last resort and you certainly should not ring us if your true underlying intention is to continue your gambling.

Please read the letter that we received from a client who asked to stay anonymous for obvious reason. She describes the naked truth of what gambling has done for her.

If you are looking for help to stop gambling, talk to us and see what we can do together to establish a suitable strategy. A1 Debt Assistance can help you to create a disciplined household budget.