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Common Problems

Excessive Credit Card Debt

Of course we often see people in financial distress. More often than not credit cards have played a contributing role. Sometimes it is simply a case of excessive spending and other times credit cards are used to shore up other financial problems. Either way these types of remedies are temporary and will fail.

If you find yourself increasing your reliance on credit cards, think carefully about the real nature of your financial problems. A1 Debt Assistance can provide the right guidance after a free consult that will allow you to move in the right direction. Of course where soaring credit card debt is only part of serious financial difficulties we would have to engage at a deeper level. Analysing and understanding your situation before we could provide a tailored rescue plan.


Recreational gambling from our side of the fence is something of a myth. Of the thousands we have helped over the years an alarming number got themselves into strife gambling. Worse, when facing serious financial problems the gambling often increased.

Binge gambling is when gambling for a little fun and entertainment turns into a problem. It is exactly the same as binge drinking. Drink a few glasses of alcohol socially and you can have a good time, however, drinking to excess every weekend, will eventually cause serious health, mental, familial, employment and relationship damage.

Over the years we have developed well defined steps for clients that gamble. Our unique program is not about quitting, it is about helping you to become a responsible gambler. Firstly, we will help you create a workable budget. We will calculate an amount of surplus income for your use at will and then work out a set amount that goes into a savings account which you cannot touch for a year. You will then nominate  how you wish to spend the savings after the first 12 months. This can be for a family holiday, help towards a deposit on a house, standard purchases and memberships or whatever you wish, however it will not be allocated for an end of year gambling binge. Naturally, there may be unforeseen circumstances which require you to have access to these funds, and that will be catered for – but it will never be for gambling. Not everyone will have surplus budget, and some may need our help to solve a debt related problem that gambling has caused. In this case we will look at options with you and may suggest a Debt Agreement or Voluntary Bankruptcy so that you can obtain a fresh start.

Alcohol and Gambling

Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause severe health and social problems, but mix it with gambling and it can quickly contribute to your financial undoing. Alcohol loosens inhibitions and makes it harder for you to think clearly. In turn, this can result in you impulsively betting far more money than you had originally planned. Try and avoid any form of gambling if you are over the limit. Sober, you have a much better chance of enjoying your gaming experience without the negative consequences.